Let's Call This

A top drawer of a messy mind

Cocomama tearing it up at Romolo #clave (at Romolo Chocolates)
Blue Thursday in BKLN with the Lopezes. We made it! (at M.O.B - U.S.A.)
Stardust! #redsoxnation #petey #bbhof (at Cleveland Indians Progressive Field)
@cervical_steel :  “Can you make one of those fritattas?”  Super size me!
Glimpse Trio (yeah, I can count) at Scotty’s (at Scotty’s)
It’s SRO for DSCH and the ECO tonight.  (at Methodist Towers)
Que sweet swing!  Somebody offer that kid a contract. #tbt
Harvey’s porch
I think my life just done changed forever. #veganfoodporn #wfcerie (at Whole Foods Cooperative)